Monday, June 2, 2008

A Short History(Varney's chpt 1)

Midwifery is fact it has been around since the beginning. The Bible speaks of the midwives and records how the Hebrew midwives saved the Israelite babes in Egypt. History continues on, midwives delivering babies, for everyone, everywhere. This started to change in the 1900's. Over the past 100 years the U.S. has tried to better educate midwives, create standards in midwifery, wipe out midwives totally, then integrate them into it's growing obstetrics community. Ironically, through out the US the stats concerning infant mortality seemed to show proof that midwives were... "getting the job done and getting it done better."
Rather than embracing the midwife and acknowledging her importance to our country and communities, the medical community perfers Certified Nurse Midwives rather than those who reffer to themselves as midwives. Very Interesting.

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