Monday, June 9, 2008

First Home Birth

Arrive @ Mom's house @ 1:30pm
Exam and Vitals 3-4 cm mom up and moving. Having trouble relaxing. Anxious.
Midwife suggest resting in bed, light candle, close door.
6:30pm Exam 8 cm +1 station
Contractions increasing mom breathing through...working hard.
Suggest increase in fluids and more resting.
Mom using ice packs, cool cloth on belly for comfort.
Contractions continue to be steady, and increase in pain.
1:30 am Exam 10 cm bulging bag.
Mom napping btw contractions. Keeping fluids going. Mom very tired.
3:40 am Bag breaks pushing begins. Long breaks btw contractions.
Mom tightens legs, is holding off delivery. Reassured and reminded to relax legs and push through bottom. Good strong pushing.
4:06 Baby born, Baby nurses
5:20 Placenta Passes, herbal placenta out given prior
5:30 Newborn measurements and weight. Baby nurses.
6:00 All is well, mother and baby resting.

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