Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birth #2

The Story

Our client started having contractions on Wed. @ 38 wks
Starting out steady then tappering off.
Thursday more contractions and water broke @ 2cm.
Contractions continue off and on through the night.
Friday contractions begin to increase and become regular. She was 6cm on Fri @ 5:30 and in a good pattern.
Transitions quickly and complete by 6:30. Wants to push, still walking and rocking btw contractions.
Starts pushing, working very hard. She gets discouraged(4th baby) laboring longer than expected.
Try different positions, squatting is most beneficial, but legs are too tired. She is very weak, but still working very hard.
Needs verbal encouragement to keep pushing.
9:15 Baby boy born 9lbs 2 oz 22 in 14in molded head 15in chest!!!! He is a big guy!
Baby nurses right away, wide awake and beautiful.
Mom and baby happy and healthy!

This birth was unique in that the client was my friend...I found the atmosphere to be much different, more emotional.
After boy presented, I kinda lost myself in lala was strange. I took me a minute or so to come back to myself. Weird...has anyone else experienced this? I tried to listen for resperations and couldn't hear anything or listen to his was so crazy. I was out there.
I also pushed along with her the entire night and was so sore the next day.

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